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Hello, My name is Penny Rose. I am a 37 year old transgender woman.

I have a story to share and a perspective to add.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the first nation peoples and indigenous custodians of this land and country that I am so lucky enough to be able to sit here and write in.

I started writing a book about my life experiences about 4 years ago, 80,000 or so words later I stopped. About a yer and a half later I started again but the huge emotional upheaval of coming forwards about my childhood sexual abuse and also coming out and announcing I was transgender and I would be transitioning was too much for me to continue writing about.

This has made the last two years of my life incredibly hard for me and my family and I have finally come through the worst of it.

I feel strong enough to share my experiences with you who I am grateful to, for taking the time to read.

Now more than ever, the gender diverse need to come together and become visible in our society. For too long we have been held down, victimized, beaten and trod upon by societies misconceptions of us and who we truly are. The future includes the gender diverse in a big way. The rise of the gender diverse is becoming apparent in lots of different aspects in our various communities. More of us are making our voices heard loud and clear in the public’s eye.

Culture can only benefit from the gender diverse and we have a valuable perspective to contribute to society as a whole. We always have been, it’s just that we’ve been suppressed. Seen but not heard. All that seems to be changing.

Three weeks ago I answered a call from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. They wanted me to speak at the final public hearing. They asked me what changes I would like to see following the Royal Commission and what I see for children into the Future. I said yes.  It felt like all my suffering throughout my life was culminating into what I would say.

A week ago I spoke at publicly about the role of the gender diverse and the lack of support for us in childhood care institutions across the nation. I represented my own experienced perspective. I made a link through my experience to sexual and mental abuse to the lack of understanding of the gender diverse. For me and my experiences of childhood sexual abuse, they are all linked and I feel that we need to look at the problem holistically.

I felt extremely humbled and honored to have been asked to share my thoughts. It has given me the strength to sit here and write and share this story

Below is what I said.

They also mentioned me in this article

And we all made it to the Sydney Morning Herald

There was 7 of us. They called us the 7 warriors.

We all had important things to say and I can only hope that at least some of our suggestions are seriously taken on board into the future by governments. We all feel that great change is needed across our whole society.

I feel now more than ever we, the trans and gender diverse need to make ourselves visible as much as we possibly can. So that we can be the elders that we missed out on. The more we do this the easier it will be for the future generations of the gender diverse. So they can live without the fear and discrimination that so many of us have faced with tremendous resilience.

We are just human beings at the end of the day. Just like you. It doesn’t matter what someone looks like, we all need to respect each other and value what each other has to say. I believe the future will be blind to race, religion, gender, sexuality, color. It really isn’t anyone’s place to tell someone else how to be or how they should feel about their body.

We need equality in our communities at all levels and aspects of our society. This change needs to come from a personal level and then radiate outwards into the broader social community. We all want our children to grow up respecting each other and working towards better communities that support and nurture each other.

We, as a multi-cultural and diverse society need to evolve and put these petty and superficial differences behind us. If we want to evolve and make our society more harmonious and ensure our survival then we need to come together and make real change to how we see ourselves and the communities in which we live.

I want this Blog to become something that inspires people to think.

I also want this blog to be a record of what I’m going through personally as I transition from a male into the female I have always wanted to be.

I really excited about the journey I’m going to share with you.

Penny Rose

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