This is scary

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I was having an awesome day.

My blog post had just been posted to Huffington post. I was buzzing.

I checked my news feed and came across two posts that instantly deflated me.

Here they are :

Watching this video made me feel sick. The degradation and humiliation these people have suffered is unacceptable. Why is it even a thing that people care about what people do in the privacy of their own homes and personal life. The fact that it was their neighbors that called the religious police shows just how deeply ingrained homophobia is in these communities.

and then this :

There’s a few more links you can easily find on google.

Here I sit standing up for diversity in our world from the safety of my home here in Australia and yet in these countries people are being exposed and humiliated, tortured and punished for being gay. Punished for being who they really are. The world seems to be heading in the direction it did just before the Nazi’s took over. I’ve been hearing it in the media for a while now and I myself have seen the very same thing.

I ask myself what I can do about it. What we all can do collectively to raise the visibility of this type of thing and put pressure on governments so that they can then apply pressure to the countries where this barbarity is going on. We don’t have much hope with Russia, but Indonesia is a different story.

Its 2017 people. If we do not stand up against this type of thing then thousands upon thousands will suffer for simply being who they are. The Trump factor is also a huge part in this clamping down on people’s individual freedom to be themselves. All minorities seem to be at risk. We have to ask what our future selves will think of what is going on now and what we did about it.

The fact that people are being rounded up into concentration camps is horrifying and this needs to be bought to the world stage and action needs to be taken. Homosexuality is not a disease nor something that can be changed in someone. We as people, need to acknowledge the humanity in every singe human being, regardless of what they look like what they believe and whom they love. No one should every be singled out for their diversity, it’s actually what makes our world a more positive place.

I feel like all I can do is write about this to bring attention to it. My journey is pale compared to what some people are suffering through at the moment. We can’t let this be part of our world. It’s not acceptable in this day and age to have governments treating diversity as if its something bad that needs to be wiped out. We are human beings, we eat, sleep, work, have friendships, we love, we share the same basic life experiences that heterosexuals do. We are no different. We deserve to live safely and peacefully alongside everyone co-existing and working towards our common goals as a community.

The more we value and hold up this diversity, the stronger, we as species will be. If we start to lead the way then it can only show these countries that their thinking is flawed and criminal. Human rights are to be upheld, not trodden upon due to ignorance and fear.

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