Some paintings I have been working on

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For those of you who know me, you know that I love drawing and painting. I haven’t been producing anything in the last few months due to my injury. In the last two weeks I have been painting again. Specifically working on two pieces that have been getting layered up with litres of old discarded house paint and spray paint on and off since last November. The results are below. These are maybe halfway done I’m hoping.

The main influences for these paintings came from studying the Australian Aboriginal Pupunya artists work from earlier in the 20th century. The idea of song-lines and knowledge passed on through art kept me coming back to stare at the imagery again and again, always finding new things. I wanted to capture some of those elements in my work and the best place to start was the country where I grew up, where my journey began.

The “birdseye” perspective that I have created these pieces with is something that I have bought from the landscape sculpture series I worked on around 7 years ago. The work is designed to be viewed from above. The texture created by the many layers of thick paint gives the work a real 3-D feel to the surreal abstract landscapes. Parts of sacred geometry are scattered throughout the work which gives a balance to the chaotic color scheme.

At the end of last year I retreated to my parents farm and reconnected with the land and the spiritual connection that I have always felt there. I spent many days dragging these canvases out into hot sun so the ridiculously thick layers of paint would dry.  Eventually they did and then it was time to move again and for more layers.  Using an airbrush for the first time, I was able to create multiple layers using a much thinner, translucent layering technique.

If you want to check out the painting series I did last year feel free to visit the site listed below. It’s my fledgling little art site. More a great way to have an online gallery for free.


Here’s a detail so you can see the texture properly


And now for something completely different.


Another detail.


It’s been a really positive couple of days producing even if I am in pain. I am so into the flow of it at the moment that I don’t want to stop. It a good feeling to know where my style is heading and how it progressing as another language for me to express myself.

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